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What is your best source of language learning?

Im trying to find a way to speak a language fluently in a few months and I am struggling to find one. Im going to have a look at Assimil and that sounds great! Any ideas?



I don't think you can speak language fluently in few months , you can try though. I use pimsuler approach with Spanish. After finishing the first level, I can understand few words and I can recognize each word when I hear it. I don't like to overestimate my self. I will be happy if I could understand 20% from Spanish movies at the end of 2014.

listening to music,reading lyrics.....talking to native speakers

working daily with a native speaker who is eager to learn

i can express myself and read any text and catch words from a native speech to some extent in turkish in just 75 days

with using some other tools to help you memorise the voca its actually easy to get to reach to an intermediate level in no time

I think this will only be possible for you if you were only studying this language most of the day every day for about 6 months straight. But, realistically speaking that doesn't sound possible unless you're still living with your parents and have no responsibilities. 

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