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My Love in Triangle...............!!!!

Since one year I've been love with boy A and A also loves me. Our common friend B also in love with me and want to marry me. I don't know whether I really love B or not but I believe B is my true friend. I don't want to loose either A 0r/and B love but want to marry only ONE. I'm really worried about it!!!! Please help me!!  



Are you sure that you want to share these details of your life with the community?

Moreover, are you really sure that you want advice from people that are totally strangers to you?


When is decency going to be cool again?



I'm sure so that I wrote what I want. I don't have narrow thinking so its no more personal for me. 


To ALL: Please don't comment on my question and don't give free preach. If you are prudent and descent then just express your opinion. I'm just looking for seniors experience/useful suggestions because I do belive that some one had faced such situation in life.





According my opinion, it is not problem if two persons love another one. Take a pause without your behavior. Time will show you all benefits. You better solve your problems with cold mind.

Do not take it in the wrong way, I was actually trying to give you a suggestion. Nobody can tell you whom you should love or marry. It is up to you fortunately.

However, if you want random suggestion, pick B.

If you love two people at the same time, choose the second. Because if you really loved the first one, you wouldn’t have fallen for the second.


Love are three drugs. Either of them tied with object, action, place. Human with love like human with addiction. Make cold your mind. You should do something else. Make busy your mind with other way of thinking.

Time is solution for such problems. Things become clear as the time passes. Think about your priorities and your wishes after marriage. Think who of the two is going to fulfill them. Also, think about their vices and virtues and how you can cope up with them after marriage. I know love is not about calculations, yet I hope this helps you.

Choose the one who makes the most money

When's polygamy going to be cool again? haha

Put both on a fight. Who win will marry you. Simple method of choosing it by natural law.

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