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How do you do it? Looking for Skype friend who is fluent in French

  How do most of you communicate with each other to help learn a new language?

  Do you do it via text, or do you use Skype or some other chat program?


  I am a native English speaker.


  I am beginning to learn French, very basic.


  I would like some assistance with beginning French and I will assist you as you learn English.


  My Skype name is TheSimoneBell.


  I have tried adding a couple of French-speaking people to my Skype, but it always says that their username is not found.





Je suis Simone.

c'est mon compte de skype : chahinjlali

I'm willing to help you, my name is Karim and i'm from France, i'm studying in Poitiers, for me i would like to improve my english skills. See you soon ! Skype : karim.amghar11

I only know a few French words right now.......that's probably not enough for this site.  Maybe I should wait until I have some French?


It's possible to learn on italki even if you're beginner.Nevertheless, your penpal must help you reach your goal by teaching you so many things.It would be better for you to tell him how you'l like to learn and In my opinion,the best thing to do is to use some ebooks for french beginners and listen some audio with him.

Hi! I live in Ohio--I used to know French, maybe we could message about that :) 

I have someone to help me now, Karim is helping me so I'm all set.  Thanks

I have someone to help me now.

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