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extra words 'out' and 'up'

Hi. I am Cesar. I have want to know what do you think about these two words when it is added to some words... for example:

try out

find out


listen up

stand up

shut up


i want to know if it give some different meaning , and i want to know if the added meaning is the same for all the words where it is added or it give some specify meaning for each word

Sorry for my mistakes... I am begginer learner



With "try" and "find" out is an unnecessary added word, you can just say try and find, if you are going to "find out" something you can just say "I will go find the answer" or "I will go find it" depends on what you are finding. 

For "listen" and "shut" it's kind of the same, you can just say "listen," adding the "up" could be a little more rude, it's more forceful and not as kind as "listen" or "listen, please."

The case for "stand" is just that it's a direction, you are standing up. But mostly if you are not doing some action, like standing or looking or something like that, then adding an "up" or an "out" is probably unnecessary.  


thank you a lot. now i know that it can give some rude expression

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