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The most beautiful WOMEN in the world ? Where ?


I guess it is Russian women.


Your opinion ?




I guess it is Russian women.

Your opinion ?

I'm not sure if this type of generalization definitely exist, but people often say about the beauty of russian and brazilian girls.


to Matheus


Really I love Brazilian girls. They are very very very beautiful. I have experience too.

Latina girl

the whole world think that the russian girls and germans one are the most beautiful but indeed  to be blond this not a way of measure ....the most beautiful one who has black hear  those arabs :)

Poland and Venezuela girls ~

"Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder." So, in my opinion, it is not possible to name a single girl or lady to be the most beautiful woman. Still, queen Cleopatra from Egypt was supposed to be the most beautiful woman. Of course, it was the past and I don't know if there is any single woman worthy of that coveted title now.

yes Sameer the most beautiful girl was in arabic country and steel up to  now

The most beautiful people are those who take good care of themselves and others.   

"The 10 healthiest countries in the world are the ones with the longest healthy life expectancy at birth, lowest pollution, the percentage of a country’s population with access to improved drinking water and sanitation, infant mortality rates, the rate of prevalence of tuberculosis, the density of physicians per 1,000 people and undernourishment rates." 

The top 10 healthiest countries in the world are listed in order as follows: 1. Japan 2. Sweden 3. Iceland 4. Switzerland 5. Germany 6. France 7. Italy 8. Denmark 9. Austria 10. Australia 


It's a matter of common knowledge that slavic women're the most beautiful in the world. And I share this view. 

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