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Iceland-basque country

When the basques went to terranova to fish whales, they had a relation with the iceland people. Nowadays there are research that people of those regions went together for fish whales in Canada.



I am really interested about it. I'm going to go in depth on the issue and I'll write some extra information to shared.  

Yes, they went for wales in Canada, Terranova, and, nowadays, some of the descendants from those fishermans who emigratd and landed in these lands live in two islands, Saint Pierre and Mikelune; in fact, many of the seven thousands inhabitants living there are descendants of basque people. Although both of them are very close to the coast of Terranova, they belong to France. Fishing -whale, cod- was there the most important economic source at XIX. and XX. centuries, till cod fishingwas forbiden. Then, people had had to look for other works and reinvented their way of live. Now Saint Pierre is a place in which most people are civil servants, retired people or people working in the touristic sector. As for Mikelune,  despite being much bigger than Saint Pierre, only some six hundred people live there, most of them descendants from basque people. The sculptor Christiane Giraud made a sculpture  devoted to the basque fishermen who went there some centuries ago and lived there, and to their descendants as well. Two maps with the names of the villages and islands of Terranova, made by Martin Oiartzabal (1579) and Pierre Etxeberri (1677) and some basque poems complet this small exhibition of basque culture that you can enjoy at the city council, in Mikelune. But, if you want to see the bigest symbol of basque identity, you will have to go to Saint Pierre: the Zazpiak Bat pelota court, built in 1.905, the heart of the island. This is wery crowded when in august a big basque festival is celebrated.

What a good and detailed explanation about the Basques in Terranova, thank you Ines! :)

I didn't know that the amount of Basque descendant was so big in that part of the world. 

I am trying to think how these braves men used to go for whales, it's hard to imaging such a big animal beeing captured by those men, it's truly admirable.

I would love to visit these lands, and play in Zazpiak Bat, visit the small exhibition of Basque culture... and then write down a little bit more about this issue here :)

I didn´t know so much about basques in Terranova.

"Saint Pierre and Mikelune"

Someday, I also I would like to visit them.

Incredible information, Ines! :)


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