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How can we deal with diversity?


In my opinion, there are 2 kind of identities:
There are identities which are passed down generationally from parent to child. Those are things like ethnicity, frequently nationality, language. We are, most of the time, respectful towards these identities.
Though, there are other identities that are alien to your parents and that you have to discover when you get to see them in peers. Those are things like deafness, being gay, Down syndrome. And those identities people have, almost always, tried to cure.
How can self-acceptance, family acceptance and social acceptance be achieved?



Two words - Lizzie Velasquez. She has told all about how to deal with accepting yourself.


Thank you, I have already listened to her speech. :)
I believe she is an amazing person. 

Expanding your world view to include people who are different from you and your parents is a big part of growing up. I think certain things like being gay won't be such a hurdle for people as society comes to accept different sexualities. But part of formulating your own identity is about taking the values your parents instill in you and apply them to the world as you experience it in a way that maybe they don't because they grew up in a different era. You can value treating everyone the same, and realize on your own that others aren't any different than you are at their core. Things like that. I'll have to watch that video; it sounds good ~



We, as society, have achieved enormous progress in the treatment of gay people. Though, we forget how we used to see people who had other differences, how we used to see people who were disabled,
How inhuman we held people to be. And the change that's been accomplished there, which is almost equally radical, is one that we pay not very much attention to.

I believe you are right when you say that it is about takingthe values of your parents instill in you and apply them to the world, but maybe it is not about the values, maybe is just about the love.

Love is something that ideally is there unconditionally throughout the relationship between a parent and a child. But acceptance is something that takes time. Perhaps we can reach acceptance trough love.


Perhaps, if you read the introduction, you will notice that I was talking about self-acceptance, family acceptance and social acceptance.
I do not want write rhetorically (what is the point to do that?) but I am trying to make a conversation and there are two parts in a conversation: one part in which I express my opinion and one part in which I read other's opinion. Perhaps if you express your idea, instead of judge what I have written, we can have a conversation.
Values, love, acceptance, these ones are vagus terms for sure. The fact is that, each one of us, has a different point of view about what these words mean. And I cannot speak for everybody saying love is X and acceptance is Y.
I do not want to persuade anybody with my speech both because I am not selling anything and both because I am not trying to obtain votes for some reason.
I am not saying anything specific because my point is not to tell people if they have to accept diversity or how to do it. A person could even write that he believes that Italians are different and they deserve to be exiled, and I will still ask for the reason of the thought. I want to read people's opinion and discuss about the topic.

You ask for fact. Well I do not know any deaf or dwarf people, so it is a little bit difficult to write specific facts. I wrote about the treatment of gay people, how is amazing that a illness has become an identity.
I am sorry if my writing has upset you so much.


Thank for your participation, Bruce

Well, Bruce, tell me then your answer aswel. Anwer to "How can self-acceptance, family acceptance and social acceptance be achieved?"

 " I would be interested if you can enlarge upon your views on these issues Kuba." - Bruce


I would say, that why do I need to achieve any acceptance? Where is the acceptance storred? In my elbow, in the air, under the ground? How do they distribute the acceptance? These are rhetorical questions for me.

I don't know if you ever heard of Jacques Lacan. As a psycholoanalytic he discovered the fact, that people, somehow are seeing the eye that is watching them. They see it in other peoples eyes offcourse. He named that "object" the big Other. The big Other can give you acceptance, or he can take it from you. It appears only when other people are watching you. Go to any forest alone, and you'll forget quickly that you have ever needed any acceptance. But try to put a camera there, and peson will change its behavior automatically.

Making the long story short, Lacan's conclusion was: "everyone need to realize that the big Other does not exist". This is the biggest secret. One produces the Bigbrother.
The king can be a king only because people belive that he is the one.

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