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The Malayalam

Are you aware  that some people in the world  speak a language called 'Malayalam'?(The word Malayalam is a palindrome)
Have you met a 'Malayalee' in your life? 
Are you interested in learning Malayalam or visiting Kerala? 



please forgive the 'the' in title

I didn't know this language. Thank you; I like find out new things! 

yes, I know this language & I know this language malayalam...spoken by malayali & me ( foreigner )


I think is one of hardest languages in India, but Kerala is for sure one of most beautiful states of India, culture and people are amazing, I do recomend anyone who wants to visit India to go to Kerala, the vibrant green, the pure air, the nice people, helpful friends to anyone... and of course, the tasty food.

Kerala will be always in mind and heart. Sookshyanam.

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