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How can I understand spoken English?

I don't able to understand native English speakers. They speak too fast and I don't able to understand them.

How can I improve my listening skill? 



I'm sorry, I wanted to say: I'm not able to understand spoken English.


bye :)

Watch movies with English transcript.

you need a lot of practice! speaking, listening and reading

Thank you all for answering me. Definitively I think to watch native films and to listen to radio are the best way to improve listening skill.



You have to ask them (English native speakers) to speak slowly. They will understand you

I think watching films or, even better, finding a serie you love and feel like following regularily, is the best way. Compared to the radio, you see the expressions and faces, so it's easier to focus! Plus the speech is in a real situation also happening in front of you, so it's a lot more natural and close to a everyday situation. And personnally, I think there is no point trying it without subtitles (that is just like listening to a nice melody..), but subtitles in English: little by little, you learn how to connect the written form with the spoken form of a word. Because that's what is hard with native speakers: they speak fast and with a certain accent, and you don't see a link with something you read and learnt in a vocabulary book.. Good luck!

A good way for you to learn English would be to find a suitable language exchange partner who will speak slowly with you. 

Thank you folks :)

HI, Try this may find it a bit difficult but after while your listening skills will improve.


The film are long...and I find difficult to focuse a long time.

You can try to listent to short mp3 or watching vids.

You can find a lot of sites that have material for free

(I don't know if I can write a name of these site here...)

Documentaries film are so clearly.

Be patient, practice and practice, and you will understand



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