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Name some English novels for learning English.

I would like to know the names of English novels that are interesting, easy to read and from the suspense thriller, detective or crime category. (Suggestions about other interesting books are also welcome.) Also, it would be better if these books are available online for free reading. My English level is intermediate.


I have read angels and demons, deception point and some part of twilight already. I got bored while reading twilight and left it unfinished. It may be because of my poor English.



Hi, I don't know about online for free; you'd have to do some searching, but these may interest you:


Nancy Drew series (a bit old school, but good young adult, detective reading)

The DaVinci Code (since you liked Angels and Demons. I also read this and really liked it)

The Harry Potter series

You may also like some Stephen King. If you don't like horror, Firestarter is a good thriller.

Thank you R. Miles. I will definitely search for them.


Animal Farm by George Orwell, Inferno by Dan Brown

I I like children's novels, they are beneficial for learning English,"Dairy of wimpy kid" it's an international bestseller, I don't like the adult novels they got a difficult vocabulary which is rarely used in communications.

Romia, Simone, and Philologist, thank you for your inputs.

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