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whıch anımal do you lıke more and why

whıch anımal do you lıke more and why




Cats!! They're clean, quiet, independent, honest about how they feel about you, love to play and love sleeping and being cozy and comfortable.  They know what the most important things are for being happy! 

Nudibranchs. All of them.


I like cats and dog because they're friendly and loving but in the wild animal I love owl, it's a beautiful and powerful bird, king of the nigths, probably the most elegant nocturnal bird.

I love rabbits!! I had a little rabbit, it was very sweet, intelligent and...I miss it :(

I like snakes, It looks like a powerful animal.

Dogs, because they have affection and they are friendly and loyal.


I like cats because they look cute, good listener, and i love their meow :3

I love cats but have an allergy to them :(

All animals deserve to be loved :)

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