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how can i get penpals

i want to learn chinese so if anyone chinese can help me learn how to speak chinese



thank u tom i am looking for avpenpal beacause i am learning chinese and i want to speak it beter and im looking for a penpal that nows chinese

I am Chinese native speaker,if you need help,maybe i can help you ;)

i would apreciated if u helpp me with chinese its cause im takeing a chines class and the teacher asking us for someone that speaks chienes but i would just nead your email and ur name 

yes thank you i will follow you

if u wanna learn chinese .first  u should learn pronounce then how to write and  learn grammer

i am a chinese girl .if u wanna practice chinese i can help.

yes that is true you first you got to learn how to write and learn  gramer  i would gladly apreciate you help 

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