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I love Justin Bieber . do u love him?




Many Americans are starting to get tired of hearing about him in the news.

I don't really like him before for some sort of reason. But now after he came here in Philippines last Dec. to visit the victims of typhoon Haiyan. That was the time I started liking him. He really wins my heart. Justin has a huge heart and does so many great things, he is the nicest person I know. How sad that not anyone see it. We Filipinos always remember and appreciate what he deed. I salute him I love him so much...

I see him as a delinquent. Many people hate him in Philippines because he insulted Manny Pacquiao at first. Then when Typhoon came he made up for it, that don't even change my first impression bout him. I remember one time when he asked his fans to commit piracy for a certain fight. Spit from a balcony. I never look up to American idols, they worship the devil. I understand where you are coming from, I'm sorry I just don't like his music. And yes I am also Filipino, I despise Justin Bieber.

No, i don't.

No, I am not a gay :)

no, i dont like him. 




  I have loved few men. One man who comes to mind that I loved, was Martin Luther King, Jr.

I loved him because he knew that he would be killed  for what  the taught and did.


 He accepted his Martydom.   He spoke as follows:



"When I say to you; 'Don't even be afraid, you know what I really mean?' For I submit to you tonight, that no man is free, if he fears death; but the minute that you conquer the fear of death, at that moment, you're free. You must say somehow; 'I don't have much money. I don't have much education. I may not be able to read and write; but I have the capacity to die!' And I say to all, ...the man that will not die for something, is not fit to live." ----from a sermon by Pastor Martin Luther King, who succeeded Pastor Vernon Johns at the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church in Montgomery, Alabama, in the Televised movie, "THE VERNON JOHNS STORY" (available on DVD)





 Perhaps if Justin Bieber   offered a reason for which I should love him, I would; but I can call to mind nothing he  said or did which justifies my love of him.






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