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How to improve my spoken English?



Watch English shows (or cartoons) and imitate how they speak.


Well, find a partner and practice everyday. You can also find a good teacher to help you correct your speaking mistakes. :)


you're welcome.


what helps me a lot is talking to myself, or writing a story. For example, describe the story of a movie that you like, or describe a situation in your life. This helps greatly to improve your speed without being annoying to others :-))) Even if you make mistakes, and there is noone to fix them, don't worry.

Once you are fast enough you will feel a lot more confident to talk to real people and have them enjoy the conversation with you without being bored.

Try to run in the morning

1. Practice by yourself

Download shows or even songs, and try to imitate the pronunciation. For songs, you could even try memorizing the lyrics too. Another way is to write an entry on iTalki or on Lang-8, and after it has been corrected by native speakers, post the edited version on Rhinospike to get recordings of native speakers reading your entry. Again, mimic their pronunciation.


The most important step here is to record your voice. You wouldn't know your mistakes if you don't hear them. Listen to your recording and to the original soundtrack. Spot the differences, spot the words you couldn't quite pronounce properly, and focus on those words. Do this with every sentence.


Basically: listen > imitate > record > correct. Do it over and over again until you can speak as fast as native speakers. Just remember that it doesn't have to be perfect immediately. That takes time. 


2. Practice with other people

Of course, you need to practice what you learn. Find teachers or language partners online. They don't even have to be native English speakers, as long as both of you speaks English. The best advice is to just speak, speak, speak. Don't be afraid to talk and make mistakes. The only way you can improve is if you use your knowledge as much as you can, as often as you can.


I hope this helps. Good luck! ^o^/

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