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The good old days are gone, WHAT DO YOU THINK GUYS?

italki, now became more commercial, the good old days are gone, italki 3,4 years ago was better than now, all those top 100, top 50 are gone, no chat feature, with technology advancing italki is not making good use of it, WHAT DO YOU THINK GUYS?



when i was able to chat in italki 5 years ago, why cant i do it now, COMMERCIAL!!!!!!!!!!!!


I haven't experienced any "good" days on this site...yet.

I don't expect this type of web service to keep operating forever with no fee or ads, unless it's acquired by a big company...

I've returned here after two-year absance. Everything is different and unusual. I still cannot figure out how to view the activities of those who I follow. How to fiter them from the rest, I mean.

I am not a big fan of chat box. We can speak to our partners by Skype . I like the idea of language partner and this site help me to find them. That's enough for me.


Thank you)  And still, formerly it was more convenient: you could just open the certain section and view all the recent activities of the people who you considered to be interesting. It was no need to open each one's profile. Well, actually not a big deal)

I am new here, and i think that italki is not keeping  pace with technology.the site can be improved a lot further

except the site colour everything has changed

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