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Do you think English is easiest language as compare to other language ?

please share your openion related to this topics






Thanks for your comment .. but people from abroad says they have very difficult to learn our native language Malayalam >   have you heard about our language ?



In my personal opinion, I think it is because people are exposed to English everytime.


No matter where you come from, you see and use English in your daily lives.


Therefore , people think English is easy just as their native language.


It depends. If your first language is, for example, French then English will not be as challenging as most other languages, whereas if it's not European then it's going to be more of a challenge.


I find it amusing everyone likes to boast about how difficult their language is :P.

As spanish i would say that english is easier than my mother tongue (at least in the grammatical way). Right now im living in Poland and I would say that english is easier than polish and also than german, which i have been studying for a years...

Depemnds where your from for a person who knows Chines it would be very hard to learn english and easy to learn Japanese, I think French is easer than spanish though for me but again for someone whos language isnt close like ours or even a little bit like ours its going to be hard. Me personaly tonal languges are hard to learn but if your from a tonal language you might find this easer. :)


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