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What does this sentence mean?

The topic of my book is how well do you know your new classmate. And I can't understand this question: are you named after someone? and what are your friends like? and getting togather with friends means being with your friends? and togather uses for only two people or no?



I'd like to try to comment on your questions.

are you named after someone ? What I can see from this question is, whether your name is taken from someone's else name (usually someone famous, a hero/heroine, a king, etc). For instance, there is a Strait called Magellan Strait which was actually named after a famous explorer named Ferdinand Magellan. Oh ya, I've just remembered something, I forgot that my sister is named after a heroine from Indonesia.

What are your friends like ? means how do your friends look like (physical appearance) or what personal qualities can you describe about your friends. E.g. I've got a best friend. She is good-looking and smart.

Together. Yes, together means being with someone else. Yet I think the word together doesn't only mean "two people", It can be for more than two people.


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