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Why society treats the virginity abnormally nowadays?

The evolution of times change many concepts, including good concepts, unfortunately. Of course, concept is a subjective thing, but I guess three decades ago the ethic was more present in society. Last year, the big polemic was one girl that sold her virginity for more than US$ 700.000.
It represents that virginity is rare and abnormal nowadays among youths. Why this topic that in the past represented the personal morality is so trivialized today?



Nobody treats it ubnormally, most just don't care about it...

But i think virgins still have a value and command a big respect.

Because of condom use and birth control, everybody nowadays can enjoy the pleasures of having safe sex that doesn't have any negative consequences such as sexual transmitted diseases (STDs) or teenage pregnancy.  :)  

virginity was (and still in some contries and communities) representing Chastity and Purity, and men would like to mary such woman pure who never loved another befor him, ..but you see, this kind of girl selling her virginity does it represent that? no , because virgin is not about that hymen, its spirituel fact most of all



in my country virginity is so important and most of the unmarried girls are virgin

an unmarried girl who is not virgin brings shame to her family because in my religion girls must stay virgin until they get married

Thanks all.

I guess its about the changes of time? I mean the evolution of the so called " being liberated " thingy. 

Today I was reading newspaper when I saw the news that girls of 13 years old are starting sexual life. For me it's abnormally, not virginity.

haha, too careless. I think today purity isnt much of importance to the society, they want  fun, they want to belon to others and not be an outcast, they want to feel the level of the adults, which I find it not appropriate. To my future family, I will best educated them how to treasure purity most and for all and what sinificance it may bring bein virgin before they find their true partner. :) 

Yes, it's a seroius problem nowadays in the circle of teenagers.

As a teenager girl born in twenty-first Century 90 time, tell you the truth, I really can't understand them. It seems like they have no logic and feelings.

As far as I concerned, they are very irresponsible, abominable,selfish and hard to get along with.

In China, there is about twenty-two point four per cent teenagers have the premarital sexual behavior nowadays. I had ever met. But fortunately, the most teenager both relatives and classmates around me have no acting like this.


What will this world become? Really worrying.


Cambridge has a higher than average proportion of elderly virgin males. They are devoted to the academic life and have little interest in woman.

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