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Does anybody know a website where I can find Japanese linguistic variations?

"I'd like to know if anyone here knows a website with list of languages variations in Jpanese devided in classes.


I once found a website that had common expressions of various classes such as the way to talk to boys, girls, elders, samurai, etc. but I ended up losing it's adress and can no longer find it. If anyone knows any website with similar containt please post here.


Thank you very much for your attention."


Original in Portuguese:



PS.: I don't have Japanese as a learning language, so I can't sing up that it's for Japanese learning. I'm just trying to help.



I find a links, but in Spanish and are very longs.


Thanks, man ^.^

After I finish pimsuler course , I plan to start with fsi-language-courses developed by the Foreign Service Institute to study Spanish. There is a lot of languages including Japanese, check this out

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