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What dance, ritual, music , meal , typical custom are native of your country?

They are important things to remember every now and then....

Tango ( music and dance) , " Asado argentino " (a kind of barbecue) , "Mate" ( an infusion ) and wine, the football are the most representative cultural habits of my country : Argentina. 

What three or four representatives do you can mention ?




I cannot really give you a precise term to describe the distinctive feature of the art in my country  , yet , I know some indigenous music are characteristic of Taiwan .

In Colombia there are a lot of things to remember, for example: the music, there are many types of musical genre and rhythms like as vallenato, cumbias criollas, torbellinos, carranga, mapale and other more. In my country the footbal is important in in the life of many colombians for celebrate, for meeting with friends or know new people. The most important drinks for colombian people are aguardiente (alcoholic drink) and beer, thanks for reading and have a nice day ;)

In my country, Spain, In music we have sevillanas, fandando and rumbas.

And in gastronomy we have many delicatesen, iberiam ham, paella, chorizo, lechazo...

Thanks you guys for the comments! :)

Dance: Every city /province have a their own traditional dance

fe : Bali have pendet,kecak,legong dance , Java have jaipong and many

Music: Dangdut, keroncong

Meal: Like dance, every city have special meals here.. like Ayam betutu ( Bali ), Soto ( Java ) etc



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