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A tool for writing Arabic in English



I made this tool to help me write in Arabic since my keyboard doesn't have Arabic letters, and I don't remember their places.


Previously I was using google ta3reeb service

But it was too slow to go through the list of suggestions and choose the right word, and sometimes the right word was not in the list.


Also I often need to write with tashkeel (short vowels) especially for preparing lessons. So I made this tool to produce Arabic text with diacritical marks, and now it's online so I hope somebody will find it useful.


Visit and tell me what you think or any ideas or suggestions


Thank you :)



Perfect ! may I inquire about the programming language used?



thanks :)

It seems very usefull! Thank you!


i checked it out and it's cool and really helpful


أنا لا أطيق الكتاب اللغة العربية بخروف اللتينية!

هل تتخيل أن تكتب اللغة الانجيليزية بخروف العربية؟

اللوحة المفاتيح هو لا إلا الذرعية!


اللوحة المفاتيح هو لا إلا الذرعية!


I guess you mean :

لَوحَةُ المَفَاتِيحِ مَا هِيَ إلَّا ذرِيعة
the keyboard is just an excuse i.e to avoid writing in Arabic letters


For me, writing Arabic in English letters is very frustrating to read. but much faster to write. so this tool actually helps eradicate the bad habit of writing Arabic in English letters and saves the reader from the frustration of reading it

You can think of it as a new order for the Arabic keyboard that makes more sense.

At the end, the output is beautiful clear Arabic text with tashkeel :)


جيدة لاستخدامها أداةً للترجمة مع هؤلاء الجهال المخبولين الذين يستخدمون تلك الطريقة المقيتة في تشويه اللغة العربية!

Good to use as a translastion tool for those ignorant and idiotic people they use this disgusting way !



You are welcome :)


You may also consider using alternatives like :


Google's input tools where you can choose between transliteration and a standard Arabic keyboard


and there is also microsoft marren that you can download and use outside the browser

شُكْرَا يَاسِرْ. (حُرِرَ بِأَِستِعْمَال صَوْلَجَانْ

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