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Arabic Vocabularies

I hear these two words a lot and I`ve heard them have different meanings. I`d like to know what the exact meaning of each word is as I am still confused. Here they are








حاضر means ok
تفضل means here you are :)

also you can say تفضل in cases you ask with respectence for someone to do something like ( تفضل بالدخول )
it give the meaning of shall you please enter ^_^

I thought the first was prepare and the second prefer. A hidden doubling of a letter could indicate a different meaning. 

حَاضِر = right away - ok .

تَفَضَّل = here you go. in some situations it might be followed by a clause :

تَفَضَّل بِالدُّخُولِ

the meaning becomes more akin of : please do <something>




حاضر =ok/i will make this matter 

تفضل =here your are /(polite expression when give some one somthing(drink,money,......)

do you known the mean of خد

Thanks a lot guys. I have heard of the word tayeb followed by خد does it mean take it?

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