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Share me something about you. :)

Hi there! Yes! I am talking to "YOU"! :D 

Would you like to share some facts about yourself? I'm open minded so I can handle anything you would like to share but if you would like to talk in private just give me a message I'll do my best and try to have a good conversation with you. 


Im practicing my English so its one of the reason I want to start a long and good conversation with everyone who would want to. haha


Anyway, see you here my friend. 

Have a great day! :) 



Well, I have a very good conversation memory. Like, if I hear a question, phrase or a story from my friend I can easily recall if it has already been mentioned months or years ago. Sometimes I even can reconstruct some parts of conversation practically word-by-word. This entails that I always do remember almost every good and bad thing someone said to me. That's about it.

Hello Никита~ ( how does it spell in English? ) 


you're amazing!!!! I suddenly feel embarassed hahaha

I've got the opposite of you, to be honest I have a short term memory so I can easily forget many things especially stories and secrets told by someone. ^^"

So, I'm good at keeping secrets because I may forget them at times hahahah


I'm sure your friends are lucky to have someone like you, with that sharp memory of yours, i gives a lot of advantages you know and you can easily learn many things and memorized them too. :) 


Hmmm...I am an optimistic girl who always look on the bright side.People usually feel relaxed when they around me for I am humorous and I know how to cheer them up. So they like to talk with me and when they feel blue or need help,they always turn to me.I am glad of that because that means they trust me.But on the other hand,I am a little bit tired coping with all that matters sometimes.Maybe I am used to be the one who is always happy,I think it's my duty to be strong ,to be brave. So I always choose to handle my things on my own. A little bit sad,you think?

Nothing much. But something about me:

I like eating mangoes. It's very delicious.

I love violet, like faithful. 


what is the color of a peach? we say it "peachy color", my nails now have  that color, coz I used nail polish :D

Kyos came back!


Hi Dhanielle; I like your questions, they are very interesting :)

What can I say about me? 

I'm an introvert person but I like to make new friends and speak with everybody. 

I have many interests: I like music, especially Classic and Jazz music (I play the piano a bit too) and I'm very interested towards Eastern world, above all India, Tibet and many others countries.

In fact I'm going to become an orientalist and this year I will go to University (I'm young :p ).


Yeah, there would be many other things that I could say you but I stop here :D


P.S.: I think your English is good; at least it is better than mine, sure! Ahah :D

Hi Sara :) 


wow! If you know look on the bright side of life, not only be happier, but also be healthier, live longer and be positive experiences less stress. You have such a good character there! ^_^ 

Well, personally, it is not bad to help others in times of need but be careful to take reasonable precautions and not to give trust too much to everyone. Remember that we can be good friends and a good helper to everyone but not everyone can be trusted. Its also nice to cheer up someone who feels down and depressed, I like doing that too and ask nothing in return. hahaha 

I guess you can say it is a passion rather than saying it is a duty ( it is like saying its an obligation). 

Try not to handle things on your own, give it a try to ask some of your trusted friends, they may not help you out in everyhting but with their presence, comfort, and whatever they can say to ease you a little bit is already a great one for you. As for my experience before, I choose to handle things on my own but then as I come to realize it is not a good idea to be always depending on our own capabilities and it will eventually turn out to being self-centered. 


Thank you for dropping by Sara :) 

Hello Survival from Vietnam! 


Other than mango what fruits or food to you like to eat? :) 

Mango is really a delicious fruits I too can say, especially the ripe one. 



Hi Elina!


Do you love nail art too? 

I used to change my nail polish twice a week but unfortunately, I became quite busy these days. hahaha

Welcome back Kyos! :D


Im on the other side of the boat! haha I'm an extrovert one. :D but sometimes I am introvert, it depends. 

and we are on the same boat with your interest when it comes to music. 

I enjoy Classicals too and I play the piano, woah~~ the piano is the loveliest instrument I have ever had except for the violin and harp though. hehehehe 


congratulations! I hope that one day I'll be seeing you with your profession as an Orientalist! My dream is to become a Diplomat maybe I'll come across other countries in the East as well. haha


you can send me private message to be able to talk more about dreams, plans and etc. :) 


Good day Kyos! :D 

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