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Your plans for next summer?

Guys, summer is one of the best periods for travel and rest!
What are you going to do next summer? Are you going to spend that time with your close people (loved ones) or with your best friends? Maybe you have plans to travel to unusual and lesser known places?
And, which way do you usually prefer for travelling? As part of some group, together with your close friend or your soulmate (as a couple) or you like travelling and discovering this World alone? 





This summer I am moving 1000 miles away to another state. I will be starting culinary school. There is not going to be any rest for me this summer but definetly travel. Next year I hope to travel though. I think I want to do it on my own but maybe I can find a travel buddy. I love traveling with my young son but I don't think I will have money to take him with me overseas.


This summer I am going to go to South Africa for one month in order to do a internship in a language school.

Mackenzie, anyway travelling is always good experiment and also good experience for any person. Moreover that's great opportunity for making new buddies, meeting new people! I hope you will have the opportunity to travel with your young son.

Claudia, I've been to North Africa)  Why are you going exactly to there? If that's not a secret, of course

Oh, alexandra, as I can see you have Big plan. Super! Next summer I'm going on a trip to Europe. Want to visit several countries, including France.
I've noticed I prefer travelling alone or with my close friend, who can be next to me for a long time))
I like meeting new people and making new friends, that always brings me the ocean of positive emotions and gives me a lot of energy. Moreover that's always fascinating and exciting!




Ahahah it is not a secret :)
For a simple reason: I have always seen pictures of Cape Town thinking "wow i would like to go there". Since I cannot afford to go there, I applied for an internship there and they picked me. So I can enjoy the city, practice English a see a new country without spending a lot of money.
If you decide to come to Italy, tell me so we could meet up :)

Your plan seems so amazing, I do hope you will enjoy it to the fullest! 

My wife and I are vacationing in Austria and Hungary this September.  We've never been to either country, so we're really looking forward to it!  While in Austria, we're only going to be about 100 miles from Venice, so will probably check that out, too.  (Never been to Italy before, either.)

Next summer I prepare to find a proper job because in June I will graduate from university.

Testing for my driving licence and get it successfully.

I often spend my summer vacation in traveling. For example,this summer I went to Venice,Budapest and Vienna. It is a beautiful cities! In this summer I would like to go to the Paris.

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