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مذا يعني هذا؟

I often hear people say "Shloonek" - what does this mean?



this is Iraqi accent. It's mean how are you? and If you want to trace back it origion:

Aesh loonak= ai sha'en laonok= أي شئ لونك= what is your colour

IF some one is good then it's obvious from the colour of his face and you can imagion how is the colour of his face when he is sick o_O 


It's an informal dialect Arabic in many Arabic countries, and it means "How are you?".


Alvsahh Arabic language is the language of inter-Arab

The language is known colloquially spoken language or accent

Permalink mean and how the case in certain countries in the Middle East..

how are u .? may u tell me how i can say iy on swidesh langueg ?


Thanks for your replies! 


Omran, in Swedish we say "hur mår du?" 


السلام عليكم
عندي إقتراح جيد و هو الافضل، في نهاية الاجابة علي سؤالك

I have a good suggestion and it's the best, you can know it in the end after the answer of you question ..

word in Iraqi,North Jordan, and Saudi Arabia.
شلونج / شلونش
Shloonj / Shloonsh
word in Kuwaiti, Bahraini and Saudi Arabia close them
word in Lebanese and Syrian ( kafak in Saudi Arabia )
كيف الحال ؟
kef al7al ?
phrase in Najdi-Saudi Arabia
word in Egyptian
Ca va
Word in Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco

Now My Suggestion,
الافضل أن نتحدث الفصحي و نقول
كيف حالك ؟؟؟
The better is to speak Fusha (standard arabic), and say
Kayfa 7alak ???

Mohamed Nadir
Arabic Teacher

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