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What is your favorite country and language?

First of all, I most want to state is American, so I learn English.   Because I like USA pop music    Avril Lavigne   Justin Bieber   Very cool   So  how about you ?  My friends



I like English and also I like German - and germanic countries - and slavic languages, too.

Just to let you know, both Avril Lavigne and Justin Bieber were born in Canada, not the USA.

Sorry I forget...

Avril Lagvine is French-Canadian . Justin Bieber is also Canadian.

Personally I don't have any favorite countries. I even don't love my own country.


I just love people no matter where they come from.


My favorite language is of course Korean . Because It sounds most beautiful to me than any other languages.

i like some country in the Europe such as italy, netherland, france and etc because they has beautiful ancient building.

for the language i like spanish and french they are sexy. If english is not became international language i wouldn't study it because its quiet hard to learn the grammar but i love british accent eventhough its hard to understand.

me too, i like american and some cuntry in the europe.that's all.

Obviously my favorite country is China.It is not just because I am a Chinese,but also  it has strong and special atmosphere.You know there are many delicious food and many colorful customs.I also like to go to England to experience a different cuture.Most important is that, I love their western style clothes. 

My favourite country is my fatherland China and the Britain.

My favourite language is Chinese and English.

It's following with my heart.

I love the entire UK continent of course that would include the nearby countries in the western world. :) and Australia too~~ :) 

I admire several nations, but Israel is definitely one of my most favorite. In the last 50 years, except for a few small nations that have fewer than one million people, Israel is the nation with the most Nobel Prize winners in proportion to its population size. Israel has a Nobel Prize winner per 700,000 Israelis. Switzerland has a Nobel Prize winner per 800,000 Swiss and Sweden also has a Nobel Prize winner per 800,000 in Sweden. The United States has a Nobel Prize winner per 1.5 million Americans. Germany has a Nobel Prize winner per 2 million Germans.  Indeed, all nations and Israelis must work together to ensure the survivability and preservation of Israel which fosters a high level of scientific achievement and technological advancement. 

My favorite language is body language, because it is very natural and it always reveals the truth.

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