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Need help translating what this says.... Thanks

اسمع لا سالتك مرزا علی السياره قلها انت تعرفلك واسطه من الرياض يدخلوها بدون جمارك بس اصرفلها ذي الكذبه عشان سوتلي فيها انو انا ما اثق فيها وكذا فاهمني يا برو

يلا انا بنام الحين تصبح علی خير



if Marza(female name) ask you about the car tell her that you know someone from the customs in Ryad(city) will help you to enter the car without paying tax just tell her this lie because she acts like I don't trust her do you understand me bro , now I'm going to sleep good night .   

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