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What would you do with your money if you were rich?

Thinking about a movie I had watched yesterday this question came into my mind, so tell me what would you do?



Firstly,buy a big house to increase in value;

Then travel around the places where my families dream to go;

Next set up  a bookshop as my interest;

Finally enjoy my life with my parents.

Animals have a lot of money to me if I let nature are protected Including the outside and do not stray animals being killed

Why a bookshop @Evelyn?


I would buy a castle in the north of France.

I'd buy my parents house by the sea!

Travel travel travel. I would put aside money for my son after graduation for either travel or education. I would probably save it to own my own restaurant someday, or become an invester in restaurants.

I will help my family by making them happy all the time and a castle would be a nice idea :)

I'd buy a ship and travel all over the world!

I will buy a land to build a country.

I would like to build Social Foundations exactly in health and education service sector.

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