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Is this Coffee shop? or Library?? Can you explain it to me?!

As I was hanging out with my friends in Starbucks  ( a famous coffee shop ) I actually didnt care what other people around us are doing because in the first place Its not my business to pry on whatever they do and what they chat on with their peers or to whoever they are with, but then there is this question which popped out inside my mind


" why do people bring their school textbooks, homework, examination reviewer, their school paper inside the coffee shop and they do these library works which are supposed to be done inside the library and inside their own houses?!" 


And I mean library works, what do we usually do inside the library? we usually finish our unfinished homework right? we review for our lessons, read some textbooks and do some research. Thats what I mean. :( I usually encounter a lot of people who goes to a coffee shop or cake shop together with their school stuffs on top of their table, isnt it coffee shops are supposed to be for drinking coffee/tea?? eating sweets? and just have a casual and formal conversation with whoever you want to be with? I dont totally get why many people enter the coffee shop and just have wifi thingy and do library works inside the shop which personally I think its inappropriate. 


Other people wants to buy coffee in a certain shop but because the tables are all being occupied they dont have any choice but to take-out and/or go find another place. I think coffee shops/cake houses are supposed for people who wants to chill, relax for awhile before they go back to their busy work/life/studies,not a place for standbyers who occupies the table for 3 hours and so. 


What do you guys think?? I'm sorry if my opinion about it doesnt match yours, but every opinion differes to others so, no offenses. :) 




There can be a lot of distractions at home so sometimes it's good to go to another location. Also if you're stuck in your room all day studying or working it doesn't feel healthy, so a change of scenery is good. Some people don't like the silence of libraries or find them sterile. Also you can't eat and drink in a library. Further, people might be on a break for work and if they're on their own they might choose to read. Really I don't see any weird with any of that. 

Bonjour Alexndra! 


This is exactly what I forgot to add in what I wrote, " I'd leave if it got too crowded, though. If there are other seats available." 


Uhmm , some people would just sit on their chair and do wifi for a very long time, even after drinking their coffee/tea, they dont care about their surroundings, well the case here in our city , not all coffee shops do have an amount of tables for everyone, so I can feel  how other who badly wanted to have coffee but no more available seat for them because its all occupied by some people so all they need to do is take-ou. :( 


Anyway, thank you for sharing your time in the coffee shops. :D 


Passez une bonne journee belle! :D 

Hello Ma'am Mimi! :) 


Thank you for dropping by, and also thank you for sharing your thoughts about this matter. ^_^ 


What I mean about the reading part is that there are these people who read their texboooks inside the coffee shop spending 4-5 hours seated even after drinking their cup of coffee, where I find it not appropriate, I think if someone would really want to read then its better for them to spend time in the coffee shop for not too long and continue somewhere else because there will also be other customers who would want to take a seat for theirselves ,dont you think so,too? :( 


Personally, I also do read at the coffee shop ( newspaper and magazines available ), but I am always aware of my time and my surroundings, the coffee shop is not a place for people to stay for more than 3 hours or so, well that goes for my own idea though , ( hehehehe ^^" ).


Thank you once again, and oh by the way, do you live in London? or I think its better to ask where in UK do you live? :) 


Good day ahead! ^_^ 

Hello again Matheus! :D Good to hear from you in this post. :D 


I agree, it depends on the people's taste but sometimes they overdo it. 

I had this experience one cool day in the mall, my friend and I headed to one of our favorite coffee shops ( Starbucks ) to buy caramel macchiato and sweet potato latte, when we arrived at the place it was unexpected, all of the seats was occupied, we saw people doing their own things with their laptop, textbooks ( it wasnt hard to figure it out since the title is already obvious) , journals and such , some were just seated comfortably and using their tablet,smartphones and obviously working on with wifi. We decided to go back so we just had fun shopping and looking stuffs inside the department store, after 3 hours roaming around the mall we went back to the coffee shop and find the same people ( im not telling that everyone we saw 3 hours ago) occupied the same table, my point here is that if they wanna do more time with their personal and/or business/study thingy then it would be much appreciated for them to find another places where there are more available seats for customers, right? I had been with several people inside the coffee shops and just chill, hang out and talk about whatever we can talk about but we dont last there for 3hours and so. 



Anyway, I only spend my time in the library not exceeding more than an hour. hahahah 

I dont like the sooo silent atmosphere, so I study while walking, or I stand on the side of our corridor while waiting for the next class beside my next classroom reading, and some other ways hahahaha, I find it weird myself with those kind if tactics for studying lessons. But like we said, it depends on our own tastes which I find it cool. hahaha


A pleasant day! :) 

Where I live (Wisconsin, U.S.) there are so many Starbucks. You will see mostly people working on their laptops quietly by themselves. I've actually read that a coffee shop atmosphere is perfect for concentrating on things like school work. I tried it out recently, and was surprised at how true it was for me. I am an easily distracted person, but it wasn't distracting for me at all. The article saud too much quiet is not good for studying and/or working..

Hi Jenny! 


Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I am well glad to hear many thoughts and idea's coming from difference people. :D 


Well, I dont really mean that coffee shops are not suitable for studying or working spree but there are some who actually stay there for more than 3 hours which I find it not appropriate for my part. Like what I just shared on the earlier comment, I also spend time in starbucks and other coffee shops with few friends but we dont stay there for tooooo long that the only thing that is lacking is for us to sleep. heheh ^^ "


Have a nice day and hope to hear from you more on their other articles. hehe 

studying in my room or in the library is really boriiiinnnggg and the silence will makes me more stressful and nothing will come to my mind. So better go in another place enjoy the ambiance, the smell and the taste of coffee. I can study well if my mind is relax and feel free.


@D R

I've been someone who has spent three-four hours in a cafe with just one coffee. I usually don't drink it all so it looks like I'm not finished. I can see how to some it might seem cheeky, however I would never act like that in a small cafe where the seats are limited and the owner is trying to get a good turn over. I'd go to a big chain like starbucks because it's not usually to full capacity so I'm not depriving anyone of a seat. Also I care more about single owned businesses. I don't care about the big chains because they'll do fine without my concern for their profit. 


Oh yes I forgot to answer your question. I'm from Edinburgh in Scotland but I live in France just now.

Hi Ma'am Mimi! 


Oh my gosh!!! Scotland????!! did you just said Scotland? >___< 

you know, it was always my dream to visit and/or to live in Scotland or in Ireland.~~~ >_< 



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