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I like a lot of things...

Does anyone else, that is new to this site, find themselves looking for the "like" button on here at times out of habit? I am thinking that is what habitual facebooking does to you. (I am speaking for myself, here) Lol. Be blessed, everyone <3




Hi . How are you ? I hope very well . I'm Hisham from Egypt . I'm accountant at ministry of communications . I'd like to be friends It's pleasure to help you to practice and progress your Arabic My ID on skype Hisham_hmhbm I'm waiting for your reply sorry If I disturbed you

every time am looking for that button , even if i am not new here .. :)

hi how r u?
my name is Alaa from Palestine
i can teach you arabic if you want and we can chat on skype if you want too .. and you can help me with your language
waiting your reply

Ever i speack with myself. And thinking too. My name is Márcio, nice!

:)..glad I'm not the only one...

No, I never found myself looking for the "like" button on here at times out of habit because I do not use facebook :)

you are not the only one who looking for like button 

i did it for many times also


Well Jenny, unfortunately FB brainwashes us all in somehow :D

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