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Hapiness of live whitout money

It´s posible to live without money ? I think the only problem its if you are willing or not. Looking in the history I think I can say that the peoplo who chose to live without money the were happier than the people who decided to still live with money. My point of view its that the only thing that make as happy its the experience. You can buy many objects with money and also many experience. But can you buy the frienship ? or even more dificult can you buy your own satisfaction ? I know its a topic talk about that. But what do you think guys ? You think you live with money because you are not brave enough to say buy to the material things?? I hope one day live without money ! ;)



I think it's impossible to live without money nowdays.. how you can buy your food without money?

nothing free these days  except air, what you want,what you need you must pay for it. Money can make us to survive in life but not often bring happiness in our life.

Well..I think it could be possible but not in this society , m

Dear Alberto,

I guess what you mean to say is to be able to live with very little money which is enough to fulfill basic needs of a human. When you say NO MONEY, your question gets misunderstood. The way society functions today, you need money to buy meal but I like the spirit of your message.


I would like to believe that you are trying to say that we should not be after money and not run after materialistic things. That makes sense. I agree that money cannot buy happiness. Happiness is related to peace of mind. But a lot depends on the way an individual thinks. If you believe in moral values, honesty, and integrity and want to live a peaceful, humble, and simple life, then this path of living with little money will be easier for you. When you do not get distracted by people around you using luxuries, and you do not feel jealous of material wealth of your friends, relatives or peers. If your basic principles of your life are clear to you and you try to follow them with CONVICTION, then you will have relative peace of mind and you will be relatively a happy and content person from inside. Then money will not be an important factor in life. But all this is easier said than done. Good luck!

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