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What could you get with US$ 30.000 in your country?

Actually, i want to know what could you get with US$ 30.000 in your country? Could you get a house or an apartement? Is it in Village or City? And which kind of an apartement or a house is it?



in Hyderabad u will get single bedroom appartments, outside city,

Thanks for information :)

In Moscow you'll get nothing)))) not even a small room in an apartment ))


I live in Australia and you wouldn't be able to get anything.... Maybe a cheap caravan/motorhome haha

How much the minum price of the smallest room in Moscow or Australia ( Probably in Melborne or Sydney ) ?

not sure about rooms, but the smallest apartment (studio) costs about $130.000. 

and this apartment will be located somewhere on the outskirts of Moscow))

@Bionika $130.000 for studio room, it is quiet expensive in your city. by the way thanks :)

In the United States you could purchase a decent car. If they are used you could get several. You couldn't buy a house, but you could purchase a fair amount of land, depending on the location. It is cheaper in the rural areas. In a smaller city, $30,000 would cover a year's worth of typical expenses for a single person living in an apartment. 

If I had 30000$ then one part a house and one part i donate the the poorer countries.


Really interesting question. I can live on $30 000 a year but am not able to purchase a house or even a car. Maybe a second hand car...

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