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Is it common in your country to gather mushrooms in the wild? Do you, personally, practise it? How do you prepare them in you country? What are the most popular dishes with mushrooms?



i know there are some  mushroom in the wild ,but just little. we buy its in superstore

Where I live, there are a lot of people who search for morel mushrooms.  Some of these people return to the same spot year after year and keep the spot a closely guarded secret.

Morels are good sliced, lightly battered, and then lightly fried in a skillet.

I personally love mushrooms in an omelet and on pizza.







I like them sliced up on a garden salad, too.

To Joyce:

Here in Siberia there are lots of mushrooms in the woods.


To Devin:

It's similar to Russia - people keep mushroom places secret)

In Russia (at least in Siberia) mushrooming is quite common. Ceps, yellow and brown boletuses and so on are to be fried with potatos or put into soup. We also dry them for winter.  Milk mushrooms are to be salted (preserved).

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