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how long takes taıme to learn arabıc

ı wonder that  how long takes taıme to learn arabıc



I am wondering the same thing bro. At least 2 years

I'm studying arabic for a year... and I think it must be 2 or 3 years


It dependes on study plan and learner.

Someone told me that they have a study plan for six months.

In normal ways, it takes about 1-2 years.



I think that Arabic is difficult, but I'm always surprised that foreigners can learn it in short time!
I think 3 years at least, or 2 years if it's intensive study.

i studied from 7 years old....i like arabic n i wanna to master it correctly

bcoz i`am muslim....

assalamualaikum ya akhi

ana uhibbukum jamian

as you plan i kn own some one in 6 month only

A friend of mine told me that you are a beginner for the first three years and and intermediate for the next twenty years. 

my  frıend  ı thaınk that ıf you learn thıs language where people  speak arabıc you can learn more short tıme lıke 8-9 mounths thıs ıs my  notıon 

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