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Canton Fair

Do you know Canton fair? If you are a businessman,you should know it. It's one of largest trades in China. Each year it will be held in Guangzhou and attract many foreign
customers . They bring ecnomic gowth.Hotels ,resterauts,local products are hot. As a college students ,major in International Business,i really want to join it. I want to know
the detail to make a deal with foreign company. It is a trainning. Like me,many students try to find a chance to do that. Some of them , major in other languanges, will get
that job by many ways,such as internet ,college. Some of them choose the straight way ,stand out of the fair or the exit of railway ,hold a paperboard "translator" then wait
for the partime job. Why we learn other languange,because we eager to communicate with others. They are brave,is it right?
Make a relationship with foreign companies is not easy. Risks can't be avoided,including trust,credit rating,negotiation,contract,insurance,transportation and so on. So trade
fair is more reliable.
What do you know about trade fair in your country? Can you share it with me?




I know Canton Fair. I went to it before. It is a great place for trade and new technologies. I think in America we don't have a single one for trade. There are many every year all over the country that deal with different industries. Most are made available by trade organizations in different areas of the country, many of which also focus on specific trades for example: textiles, electronics, and furniture. So a good place to find out would be Customs website, or Chamber of Commerce websites (which also have regional chambers of commerce for their city).

I'm suprise that there is no single fair like Canton Fair in America.It shows many kinds of products from different industries.What do you think of it?Are you interested in Canton Fair in China?

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