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Which country do you like? Why?

Which country do you like? Why?

Becuse the country is beautiful? or its history or its people or others?



I like so many countries that it would take me too much time to talk about them all. So I'll just talk about the 2 last I visited, ahah :)

- Canada : I spent 2 months there during the last summer holidays and it was definitely the best experience of my life. I was in Vancouver. Everybody was so open-minded and respectful, friendly, talkative etc... I really felt at home as soon as I arrived. I had never met such amazing persons. It's a safe country, I never had any problem even when I came back home from parties by walk in the night. I  got to add the landscapes are incredible. 

-  Russia : Completely diferent of Canada, ahaha. I've been there 2 times (Moscow & St Petersburg). Russian are finaly friendly and always here to help. But what striked me the most were the landscapes & the architecture. I took so many pictures I didn't have enough place in my camera. That's definitly a place to see for people who are interested in history etc... I plan to go back there next year ahaha ! 

There is no specific country, each country is beautiful in its own way. I'd like to keep travilling 

alger for country and people

I love all these things

But I have not visited any country after

For me, the answer is definitely Spain. I love street performers there. Spain has two spirits that I admire the most: adventure and freedom.

England cuz its beautiful place

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