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no shit, Sherlock

I found it on some usefull website.

The question was:

"The phrase "no shit, Sherlock" or just "no shit" is a reply used when someone else points out something obvious.

I was thinking about it the other day and I realized I don't know if there is a clean version, i.e. something you could say in polite conversation or in front of children. I guess saying "no way" or "no, really?" sarcastically works, but is there a better phrase?"


The funniest answer is...

"That's FANTASTIC, Sherlock. Why did I say FANTASTIC? Because my parents sent me to summer school for proper language usage, where they taught me to say FANTASTIC instead of BULL SHIT."


"Figure that one out all by yourself?"

you don't say!

Ya think?

I can smell the brain cells burning from here.

No... really??

I NEVER would have imagined that.

You get paid for figuring that out?

Didn't have to expend a lot of brainpower on THAT one, did you?

Thank God you told me!

And here I thought we would NEVER figure that out.

What was your first clue?
You got a team of monkey's working around the clock on that one? 



I can't see how "fantastic" is any substitute for "bull shit". They have opposite meanings. 

oh) I think it depends on tone)

"Thank you Captain Obvious"

"like duh"

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