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Fear of life

Mark in your job :7 Mark in your organization life : 8 Mark in your economy:7  Mark in your hapiness :4

Because we dont come to this life to be tried. Why all accept that we are allowed to judge the others ?If we were brave enough to live our life as we want.Woudlnt be neccesary judge the others.Just because most of us are following the way that others show us .Imagine yourself doing whatever you really enjoy even If  this mean be extremly poor. Whats the problem ? its not the money one of the step to be happy ? Maybe if we  find other way to be happy without the money as step. Maybe and just maybe we could be in the right situation to check what make us happy. In this society we have many personalities that are evaluated for many people depend the context. But who really know us ? why we have to be diferent in diferent situation ?  Imagine you are not agresive but you have to be becasue your job demand it . Im wondering to see the wolrd stopping and saying  wait that not the way. THe proble its this. I think that  we wait to see a global movement, just because we are so scared to change our live and admit that we arent doing right. What you thinks guys are you agree ? or you see my point of view too much idealist ?



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