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What do you usually do to drive your bad mood away?

When you feel angry,anxious,blue or other bad mood,what do you usually do to calm down or cheer up yourself?

Thanks for answering. :)



I'm gonna listen to music or play football with my friends. That do help me.


To take three deep breath and everything is going to be okay :P


I scream

To Tuan,

Listening to music and playing sports are really good ways to divert our attention and help us forget what made us unhappy. Sometimes I do that too,but I play volleyball instead. :)

To Shumeng,

Hi there! That really is a great way to calm down ourselves,to think things through,and prevent us doing something that maybe we'll regret one day.  ^_^

To Sarah,

Wow,that is complete different from me. But I guess it must be a very efficient way that one day I really want to have a try.O(∩_∩)O

i'm gonna eat chocolates, that's my way :)

To Венера,

Emmm...sometimes I feel terrible,I would go to bed to prevent me becoming worse. And most of time time,things will be better on the second day. Refers to dance,I got two left feet. :(

To Desi,

I like eating chocolate too! But unfortunately I am a little bit fatty I have to control myself.~~o(>_<)o ~~

punch some annoying people getting on the way. hahahaha just kidding~~

I call my best friend and we'll go to a cake shop or in one of our favorite coffee shops. hahah

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