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How do you find " what do you really want to be " ?

How do you find " what do you really want to be " ? It is quiet hard to find it. Sometimes i like something and another time i change my choice it depends with my mood. I mean like hobbies, i dont have specific hobbies, something i really like to do it, sometimes i get bored, and want something new. Its make me hard choose what i really wanna be, what kind of job do i really want, what kind of major do i really love the most, for me anything everything seems plain. How could you find "What do you really want to be in your life" ?




Hello Yustitia:


 It can be extremely difficult  for modern people,  and especially so if you have been educated in some kind of a state run or Public School System.  The regimentation and structure can make it difficult to

"find  one's  SELF"  because it does not allow for much privacy and independence,  or freely directed research.


  First,  what one needs to do is to act  independently of any outside influence.  Choose something on your own and  pursue it.


  I am currently engaged in doing precisely that with my grandchildren  whom I homeschool.

I have purchased soldering stations for  the children (about 9 and 11 now, boy and girl)  and they are learning to make  Do---It---Yourself---Kits.  My hope is that they will learn many new things and become interested in Engineering.


 You may have already taken a large step in this kind of Self-Directed Learning by undertaking the study of English.  






   Finding a SELF-Identity  requires that a person be active in some persuit.

This involves overcoming and reversing the Passive Condition of Mind which is the common condition that most people dwell in.


 It really does not matter What---One---Does,  so long as one does something.


  The other day, you were asking about   the purchasing power of Money  and also about   purchasing property  through a Real Estate Agent.   Granted that you have specific real life interest in Finance, may I suggest that you   continue to develop your knowledge in that area?


Learning about the purchasing power of Money in various countries, and learning about the Exchange Rates of the currencies can be a simple process, not difficult, and yet very interesting for you.


   It can be done by simply listing in your own Handwriting, the purchasing power of Several currencies around the world.


     By the way,  I struggled through most of my life with the question of Identity, just as you inquire now.  After many years of generalize Life-Learning, I found out that I had never  worked in the area which was my greatest strength.  That turned out to be in  my Analytical Powers  concerning Ideas

(Philosophy, Theology, Science, History,  Law, Art and so forth).  In addition to the powers of Analysis of Ideas, there was always an evident ability to communicate very well with people.





    In conclusion, I would like to offer a brief advice.

One of the common traps in which people immerse themselves psychologically, is merely trying to "fit in" with other people. That is to say, finding a kind of Unquestioning  Acceptance from others.


 It is a Delusional Pursuit at best.  It took me many years to learn that I had been living backwards.

It was never proper for me to try to fit in.  It was  the very essence of my human destiny not to "fit in" but to accomplish  the very thing that you inquire about here, which is discovering  Self Identity.

Once the idea  penetrated my consciousness, that I was never suppose to  try to "fit in" with people, but to generally express my own genuine thoughts and feelings,  I discovered an entirely different level of "reality" in which to operate.  I encourage you to do the same.




   Everything----Seems----Plain.  Yes, it does, and it did for me also.

That is when I  awoke to the  conflict of ideas which is ongoing in the world.

When I found the ideas that I believed in, I became prepared to   communicate those ideas objectively, and prepared to articulate those ideas, I found that something rather like a Light Bulb  lit up inside my head.


   One thing will lead to another for you.  If you follow anything,  anything at all with an intense desire to learn, it will lead you by degrees, to still other things, until eventually, you find the one thing with which you can self-identity.   That   thing, whatever it is, will actually lift you  Out---Of---Your---Former---Self and show you a new Self, which you can love and enjoy.


(Correction to last post)


   "...until eventually, you find the one thing with which you can self-IDENTIFY."

@ Bruce

Thank you for you atention and your suggestion, yeah it is hard for me to look backward and indentify what i really want to reach, sometimes i do like finance, honestly, i like all random things, no matter what is it, i like phylosophy also, and languages for sure.

I dont want it also to inquire and consider about self-indentify in the rest of my life. I supposed to know as soon as possible what i really interested in. I believe sooner later i will find just need the right time to know about it. Actually, i dont want to be regret also with choose something i really have no passion in that case, but in another side i am so confused because i dont want to spend my time for non sense.

I usually think about it, i always worry about what people really think about me, i used to be like what you told me, it is a good rule, you told me that you penetreated your counciousness, never to try to " fit in" another people, gut follow genuine who you are, the really you, not to live in hipocrisy.


Hi Yustitia,


you've raised a really good and difficult question. I'm always thinking about who I am and what I need to do in this life. I've changed different jobs and I'm seeking something special... But I dont know what exactly inspires me (( I graduated from the 2 universities with honors, I worked in the field of tourism as a tourism manager,  in marketing ( Nike retail) as well as in an advertising agency ( but only for 3 months). And now I'm so frustrated... I dont now weather marketing fits me or not... What will be my next steps in my career path ?... It's so uneasy to understand yourself... Sometimes I think all the time taken out between my jobs are given for me to better understand myself ... to grow spiritually... But sometimes I feel it destroys me... Most of my friends dont think about it. They just work hard even its work annoys them... I hope we'll find our way = )

the same case here for me :)

but i think the best way for that is trying alot of things and jobs to find what you want because you will know more about anything by trying it





  I recall the time when someone said something to me which was very helpful.

The woman told me that I was the kind of person who needed a lot of time alone.


   Thinking about that,  I discovered that it was true, and that I could be very comfortable spending   extended hours alone.   Eight to  twelve hours in complete solitude  became common for me.

Of course,   sometimes that would mean that I was researching things on the Internet, or Writing book reviews and commenting on book reviews. In that regard, I was interacting with people in a textual way.


  What I discovered  was that the Mind  can be massively developed, in just the same way that a   Body-Builder's muscles can be developed.  In the end, I   began developing English Lessons for foreign students, and the intention is that the vocabulary be   used to form clear thoughts and abstract conceptions. (BUT THERE ARE OTHER WAYS TO BE.)


   Arts,  Sciences,  and professions to  are vital to our experience. A  fully competent  and knowledgeable  financier, for example,  can be extremely valuable and so many people need advice in that area.


i find it depend on what i can do.but i still in FINDing

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