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Swag! what is attitude to swag in country?

Today I gave a swag to pass an exam in my university, and it is considered as a normal thing here. Lots of student do it because there some benefits in it. It give garantee thet you passed exam and you should leanr nothing. just bring money, that is all. As for me, I hate this system. I never do it in case with main subjects. Haw can you become good specialist if you always pay for exams??




I think you mean 'bribe'. Swag is slang just for money.

excuse me, i didn´t understand what you mean.... is "bribe" paying the teacher to you pass the exam?¿  or maybe just you used a cheat sheet? chuleta in spanish :)



Cesar, I mean direct unofficial paying for exams, bribe 

ok jahn.... it sounds incredible :o :o 


I readed an article about supplant another person in a exam, registering of this same subject, i.e poor students, at university, pass on june the exam for other student, and on september for themselves... 


Bribe is the word you want to use. Here we don't have that. How much do people pay? 

"Haw can you become good specialist if you always pay for exams??"


You don't pay for them, dedicate yourself to the subject, and pass the exam by your own merits =-)

AngOst: There are different prices: from 50$ up to 100. They are not cheep(
Baldemar: Of course, I do exactly like you said usually )

You are a funny man Jahn, to be asking such questions! :) Swag=Yolo=You Only Live Once=Be reckless and do whatever you want for no reason. It's a dangerous lifestyle here in the US, in my opinion, which causes unwanted (unprepared for) pregnancies, drug OD's (overdoses), car wrecks (from car races), and many more consequential effects. However "Swag" can also be to dress, act and be the best that you can be. I present to you, "swag" :


Oh, but you're referring to the word "bribe" :) hehe....

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