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Why are you learning English?


What's your main reason? Select from these options:

1. Work 2. Travel 3. Movies/ Entertainment 4. Hate it but forced to study it!


Also, what are your opinions of the English language, how does it sound to you? I am really interested to know!





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I really love English language. It's pretty easy except pronouncation, I think. I also have fun while doing activities by English. But sometimes I can have hard times while I'm writing an essay, because the way of using some phrases might be really different from Turkish, my native language, and this makes me nervous. Yet I'm not giving up! I will get over it!

Actually my main reason for learning English is being able to cominicate with people all around the world. But these options are also my reasons. About fourth option, I don't hate it but I think I can say that I am forced to study it :P

For talk with people around the world and my study.

for 1. Work 2. Travel 3. Movies/ Entertainment ....4. I do not Hate it but enjoy to study it!



1. Work 2. Travel 3. Hate it but forced to study it!

Because communication needs language. And English in anywhere. That's great if I know what people say in their languages. As for me, English for 1. Communication with the stranger, 2. Study, 3. Work (maybe, but I'm still student)

I'm studying English because I like to learn new languages and to find out new cultures differents by mine.

But I don't like how English sounds and I think also that English is a poor language. Italian, that is my native tounge, has many colours and maybe it's more musical than English. But it's only a question of tastes. So, I prefer French or Spanish because they sound more like Italian and for me they are more musicals than English. 

At times, when I study English, I feel bore with Phrasal Verbs: I find them so borings :-/

So, I like English but it is not my favourite language.

 I think we all want to speack english for the only reason which is English so useful nowadays. 

Hi Sadia

Because I have a dream to become a polyglot man.

Furthermore, English is the most usefull language. :)

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