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Curious question.

Since I joined italki, I learned some things that helped me to improve my english. But, I think I could have done more to achive better goals. If you can quatify your progress, what would it be?



Thanks for your reply comandante, I see your point. Also, I consider some questions in forum don't give the feedback we need to learn something new. I mean, I have seen a lot of questions like "how do you learn english fast?". No ofense to anyone, but for me, it doesn't help at all if we look for some advance english.

I often feel that if I were to spend less time on the internet, even Italki, I would be able to approve a lot faster.

very good post I appreciate it,

to quantify something you always need to keep close track on your performance and set benchmark or target for yourself if after particular time if you do meet your targets then you are moving in right direction 

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