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Curious question.

Since I joined italki, I learned some things that helped me to improve my english. But, I think I could have done more to achive better goals. If you can quatify your progress, what would it be?



I think you can quantify your progress by doing TOEFL exam or IELETS . I did TOEFL ITP and I plan to do TOEFL iBT. In my humble opinion, asking people to quantify your progress does not work ,especially in the discussion forum since there is no clear vision in this part and there is a lot of trolls here.

Thanks for your reply comandante, I see your point. Also, I consider some questions in forum don't give the feedback we need to learn something new. I mean, I have seen a lot of questions like "how do you learn english fast?". No ofense to anyone, but for me, it doesn't help at all if we look for some advance english.

I often feel that if I were to spend less time on the internet, even Italki, I would be able to approve a lot faster.


I am very glad with the site and I try to explain my position.


Before, really I hated any writing not only in English but so in my native Russian.


Here, I must thank God and several active participants of the site that due to our stormy discussions I start loving English writing. And I am very very very glad that due to the site and the society I improved my writing well. Taking in account that writing was my the very weak part of English because my laziness and former hatred to writing, NOW I am in happiness with my writing born by the site. 


to Commandante     personally



I remember your notes from my start on the site.


I would like to rejoice you that your style and your writing have improved strongly, indeed.

very good post I appreciate it,

to quantify something you always need to keep close track on your performance and set benchmark or target for yourself if after particular time if you do meet your targets then you are moving in right direction 

Oscar Gonzales : I agree with you. Also, you must consider your language background, for instance, it won't surprised me when I see you make a fast progress in Italian because Italian and Spanish are very close but for Arabian person the progress will take time since there is no relation between Arabic and English. In this case, I don't like a bigot who want to boast their level (without any consideration to the person's language backround) by complaining about mistakes in English (Mostly they use these mistakes to fed their ego). This behaviour always bring disorder to this site . Nevertheless, TOEFL exam is designed for the north American universities and I highly recommend it for you. 



Alexander999: Thank you , I appreciate your opinion.

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