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Why do you want to learn English?

English is one of the world's most popular languages for business, higher education and many other professional communities. What are some reasons you want to learn how to speak English?



I learn English because English is the International Language. English is the most widely spoken language in the world. English is world's most popular language in technology world, and also the world's most popular languages for business like what have you said. I though that we are in the challenge of globalization world now, if i don't know (even a little bit) English, i will be left behind.


*That's what on my mind.

Diah, you are doing very well! Keep up the good work.

English opens many doors around the world: you can make business, talking with other peoples, traveling. English is the universal language because is easier to learn than Chinese or Spanish and you can use it in different cases as I said before.

I want to communicate with friends also want to go traveling if can use English and master a foreign language is helpful to myself

I am learning English because it is the international language. For example, I lived in vietnam and i cannot talk in vietnamese. So, i used English. If you want to travel, it is necessary to communicate in English.

But also, I need English at work. I am a chemical engineer. And a part of my work is looking for information in books (there aren't French books: most of them are in English). And publications are in English. Also, I could be in contact with people around the world. 

So, English is essential for me and need to improve it.

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