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Would you like to be a house husband?

Coz u know i was born and raised in China, and i have talked to so many Chinese guys about their ideal marriage. Most of them tell me that they want their wife to stay at home cooking, cleaning and taking care of their babies while they are working outside. So when asked about whether they would like to be a house husband they all said "no." Some even say it's a matter of "face" (you know how Chinese men have a strong "face" complex.) So how about you guys? Do you wanna stay at home mopping the floor and changing your babies' diaper? 



Only if I can get pregnant:P

i like my wife react according to current situation.

I know this question was not directed at me but I do not want to be a house wife. I love spending time with my son but find it more rewarding to have a career and financially provide for the family. Of course if my husband works as well but if I made enough money and he stayed at home taking care of everything I would be fine with that.


If so i am going to do the double role of housewife suppernanny and man worker

Why saying no?.  :)  

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