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Do you belive in UFO ?

i live in mexico city , here we have a beach some people say that ufos live just there in the deep of the sea... I have never see one of them. But also they say that we are protected by them. Cos since years we dont have hurricanes. 



Science is developed now I think I may be a UFO is there can be but human seems still can not see it or easy to find

i do believe in UFOs and think that they are extremely intelligent. there are some people who think they live in our world around he rest of people. if this theory were real, it would mean they are not here to hurt us. maybe i'm crazy by thinking this way, but i believe thay want us to know and share some things we have and they need and vice versa. greetings

Im always fascinated by this kind of topics and discussions. I dont really know if I gonna believe in it or not but i guess it will always be interesting.

I believe. earth is amazing.:D



  I tend to think that there are  alien operated craft, some which  travel in  and out of the sea.

I thinkg "they"   have been here for several thousands of years.  The rich biosphere of this planet makes it a  wonderful place for experiementation and   obtaining biological benefits, whatever those may be.


 Of course, the issue is not helped by the people who publish  phony videos  which pretend to show us things.  There also may be an intentional campaign to  present misinformation or misleading information.


  The idea  that   aliens operate  in some way to govern or guide mankind is one  with a certain appeal; but at the same time,  there is some information about   aliens that are hostile to mankind.


   There was a   famous speech by American President Ronald  Reagan in which he mentioned the possibility of mankind uniting against a possible alien threat.  Such a threat,  I believe could exist.


 For myself, the only knowledge I know is by books and videos. I have never seen a strange flying object.   However, I have seen some strange people about whom I thought; 

"They function  like some kind of an alien being."  That  makes me wonder sometimes.





I have seen UFOs many times. Once I saw an unidentified flying object. It was round in shape and flying in the air. I asked my friends about it and they told me that it was a "frisbee".

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