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It's snowing here in Bologna!! What's the weather like in your country?



hi, I'm from Ukraine. We also have a lot of snow here, and it's getting colder every day

a bit cold and rainy.

rainy. no snow and never, except in mt. jaya wijaya. but i'm hoping...

Lots of snow, frost around -23°С = -9,5°F  and getting colder.


It's much colder than usual.  These artic fronts we've been getting are too much!  We still haven't gotten any snow at my house this year, not even a good ice storm yet.  I'm so totally ready for Springtime.

I live in the middle of the United States.  The weather has been very dry and cold recently.  The temperature here is currently minus 18 degrees Celsius.   brrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

Dry  sunny and cold, without snow. Beijing of china.


South Tangerang here in Indonesia is still raining, but it's not as heavy as yesterday. No snow here since we only have two seasons, wet and dry.

it's raining here

hah its sonwy here too but ver little:P

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