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Can u be nice?!!!




almost everybody hates it.

Now you know a good date is uncomfortable

I hate people always say the erotic words to me .It made me feel like I am hooker!Very disguated!

I am sorry that you haven't had good experiences with others.


Correction: I hate when people push me to do something!

correction : I hate people when they push me to do something


ahhhh again those Weasels  O_o!!! It's frustrating but it's the truth . Here there is alot of trolls. I've noticed that some men registered as a female, using a female names .  I don't know why? did they want to hunt girls?!! again I don't know. I don't know if other people noticed that.


Also, from two months or so some bigot  launches Campaign against specific people (usually Arabian and Muslem) here using filthy way ( including "F words,sh*t words) to insult their history, religion, culture and every thing.


Those two kind of trolls that I've noticed them here.May be they are the same persons, I am not sure though.


Alexander999: I like your opinion and I agree with you most of the time but don't you think she must do some thing. I mean if she don't pay attention then they will find some one else to disturb.



Bruce: Good point, You almost nailed it.

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