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Can u be nice?!!!




almost everybody hates it.

Now you know a good date is uncomfortable

I hate people always say the erotic words to me .It made me feel like I am hooker!Very disguated!

I am sorry that you haven't had good experiences with others.


Correction: I hate when people push me to do something!

correction : I hate people when they push me to do something


Well... When I started to use Internet to find people to practice my English... OMG! LOL Very people said bad things! When I said "NOT!", some people leave me... But other people got more crazy! It's vulgarity! If someone searches someone to do it... That's ok. Everybody has a life and can do what want! But many people just want to talk, meet new people. So who wants erotic things should respect who doesn't want! It's my opinion.

ahhhh again those Weasels  O_o!!! It's frustrating but it's the truth . Here there is alot of trolls. I've noticed that some men registered as a female, using a female names .  I don't know why? did they want to hunt girls?!! again I don't know. I don't know if other people noticed that.


Also, from two months or so some bigot  launches Campaign against specific people (usually Arabian and Muslem) here using filthy way ( including "F words,sh*t words) to insult their history, religion, culture and every thing.


Those two kind of trolls that I've noticed them here.May be they are the same persons, I am not sure though.


Alexander999: I like your opinion and I agree with you most of the time but don't you think she must do some thing. I mean if she don't pay attention then they will find some one else to disturb.






   Euler, this may surprise you, because even though I am sympthetic to your feelings, there is a specific problem with what you write here.    Let's examine two things you wrote:


#1  "I HATE PEOPLE....etc."




#2   Can u be nice?!!!


   The point being,   "hating people"  does not show itself consistent with being "nice".


  It may be a vocabulary issue for you. So let's look at other was of expressing ourselves.

We can write or say:


    (a) "Pushy or agressive people are almost always offensive."

(b)   "Pushy  people   are oppressive."

(c) "Pushy people  are those who attempt to dominate others, which is nearly always offenseive."

(d)   "Domineering people show a lack of civility in their  relations with other people."

(e)   "I usually object to people who try to manipulate me."

(f)   "I never try to manipulate others to do something against their will, and I  insist that others treat me with the same courtesy."



   In the movie Western, "The Shootist"   John Way expressed some very memorable lines, as follows:


“I won't be wronged.

 I won't be insulted.

I won't be laid a-hand on

. I don't do these things to other people,

 and I require the same from them.” ----the Credo of "John Books" played by John Wayne.





With experience, you will develop the ability to establish your own boundaries.

It may be for a time, that you cultivate this reality by simply refusing to to many things that others ask of you. Remember, you don't "owe" anything to anyone. If are asked to do others "favors". Just say.

"No". If asked for reasons, remember, you do not owe others "reasons". Your reasons you owe only to yourself.

That should suffice for a good start Euler

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