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Can u be nice?!!!!!Sequel!

Today is not my day. With some foreign friends! Why not talk to video don't look so important? But there are some loose requirements? Don't they need not consider the different customs? Shouldn't we respect each other?



I can't stand those men who always say the erotic words.It really made me very uncomfortable!Can they be more considerate?Why not we just pratice our languages instead of this uncomfortable topic?

I am agree with u


i have made some mistake!

In the frist line "why not talk to video dont do look so important?"

Had the same problem yesterday.
You try to be nice by giving to **some** of them your Skype Id for learning purposes and they think you're flirting. 

A bunch of idiots.


What happened then? The reason that i don't see your face??

I am Sorry, I made a mistake. 1st line, A word that shouldn't be there

Ahmed, I disagree with you on one point dear...  It doesn't really matter if she has keywords like "hot" or show a full body pic in your profile.  I agree those things will likely give more folks that impression and it's generally a bad idea to post them; however, lots of girls DON'T post provocative words or flesh pics and they still get messages from men like that.  It's still the character of the men that needs to be addressed with this discussion.  For example, I know YOU wouldn't ever behave like that because you treat women with respect.  The guys she is talking about simply DO NOT and WILL NOT respect a woman regardless of how she is dressed.  


Euler, I would recommend changing the profile pic and editing the introduction. It would certainly help; however, it won't completely stop men like the ones you are talking about.  The only real solution is calling them out on their bad manners and then delete and block!  

First of all, you're absolutely right. Personaly, I never botherd any girl because of the way she's dressed, but dear when a girl says in public that she's hot, pervert men, will think that  she's a pervert as well. Think of it please.

You are absolutely right, Ahmed.  That is exactly what that word used in that context means.  It's short for "hot to trot" which means "eager to engage in sexual activity."  However, a non-native speaker might not be aware of that particular contextual meaning.  Oftentimes, we use the word "hot" to mean "attractive" but it always has an understood sexual undertone.  Surely, if Euler were a perverted woman she wouldn't be complaining about getting propositioned online. :D  Obviously, she was offended by it.  So... let's address the dirtbag that sent her that message...  


Euler, how did you deal with him dear?

Hmmm Both of you (Ahmed & Phoenix) are right. I want to add people heard these expressions from Movies and they thought it's alright to use it. I saw a girl here use " don't give a sh*t" and she mean " I don't care" . We must be aware of that, they probably use an innocent mistakes to be a big troll. 



Euler: May be it's radical but I think you should report him, trolls and perverts are the fleas of this site and we must scratch them all.

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