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좋아, 좋다

how are these sentences different?

1. 이 노래 좋다 (this song is good)

2. 이 노래 좋아 (this song is good) 

when do we use 좋다 and 좋아?



좋다=the dictionary form of "to like", can be used when making a statement

좋아= 반말 or "informal" conjugation of "좋다"


-  they have the same meaning and can both be used in informal settings (talking to friends, people your age, etc), so both sentences have the same meaning.

- examples:

과일을 진짜 좋아! (I really like fruit)

그남자 좋다! (I like that man)


I hope this helps?  It is kind of hard to explain the difference between the two forms! 

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